2nd Meeting of the International Association of Dental Research-Asia Pacific Region (IADR-APR)
Welcome Message from President, IADR


Dear Delegates:

As the International Association for Dental Research’s president, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the 2nd
Meeting of the IADR Asia Pacific Region (APR). I offer my gratitude to the organizing committee — led by Pasutha
Thunyakitpisal — for preparing this program and the Faculty of Dentistry, Chulalongkorn University for hosting
this event in beautiful Thailand.

The organizers of this meeting have prepared a three-day program that will provide scientists and researchers
with the opportunity to present their papers, discuss ideas and critique their investigations. Through the theme
“We are the Future,” you will hear cutting-edge dental research presentations.

It is encouraging to see the membership growth that the IADR Asia Pacific Region has experienced during the past
couple of years. Furthering that growth was the inception of the Pakistani Section in 2011. Your participation in
this and future APR meetings will add to the overall success of the Region as it continues to provide opportunities
for professional development and the sharing of research.

I hope that you find this meeting beneficial to your career, and you take advantage of the innumerable learning and
networking opportunities this meeting will deliver. However, I encourage you to extend your participation in
IADR and APR beyond this meeting so that you may deepen your scientific knowledge and contribute more to
the global community.

Stay engaged in IADR through publishing your science in its Journal of Dental Research, joining a Scientific Group or
Scientific Network, being active in the IADR Asia Pacific Region and at your local level, volunteering to be part of
a Committee, mentoring young researchers, and by presenting your research at future IADR and APR meetings,
including the 2016 IADR General Session to be held in Seoul, South Korea, which will be held in conjunction with
the 3rd Meeting of the IADR Asia Pacific Region and the Annual Meeting of the IADR Korean Division.

I look forward to your continued participation in the IADR and APR for years to come.



Helen Whelton, PhD
President, International Association for Dental Research