2nd Meeting of the International Association of Dental Research-Asia Pacific Region (IADR-APR)
IADR-APR/Joseph Lister Awards

The 2nd IADR-Asia Pacific Region meeting 2013

IADR-APR/Joseph Lister Awards in Oral Disease Prevention

The IADR-APR/Joseph Lister Award competition is open to junior investigators (dental students) who exhibit potential for a productive career in dental research. Mentors are strongly urged to support and select a project for the competition that is original, well-planned, and carefully executed.

Two winners will be selected to receive a cash prize and plaque; USD 1,500 first place winner and USD 1,000 second place winner.



Entrants must be citizens of an IADR-APR member country (or have been lawfully admitted for permanent residence at the time of submission of the abstract, i.e., those with a “green card”) or persons of other nationalities whose research is performed in Asia. Candidates MUST be IADR members.

The research submitted may not be published (even as an abstract) or presented at any national or international meetings (excluding state, regional, or institutional meetings).



Junior: This competition will be limited to those candidates who have carried out their research as part of undergraduate/professional training (research undertaken as an undergraduate science student, as a dental student, or during the first two years of pursuing a combined science degree while in training as a dental student).

Individuals with a formal research degree (Master’s and/or Ph.D.) are not eligible for this category.

As currently a lot of Junior Research awards from several industries hence Johnson& Johnson will open the award in the area of Oral Disease Prevention only. All clinical researches or basic researches which strongly impact to clinical prevention will be included and must be a single research not a research series.



Each Division or Section Award Committee will carry out a competition and select a winner. Two candidates from each division and 1 candidate from each section are allowed to enter the competition at the region level. Candidates must submit an abstract and indicate their desire to enter the IADR-APR/Joseph Lister Awards competition via the online abstract submission by the deadline date.


Candidates will present a poster at the IADR-APR Meeting. Candidates are required to stand beside their poster and give an 8 minute verbal presentation with a question-and-answer period not to exceed 5 minutes. Detailed instructions regarding the poster presentation will be posted on the meeting website.